Sunday, April 1, 2012

Posh Fashion!...

On Friday I went up to Studio Posh on campus, where I always go to get my hair done. All of the employees there all have their own sense of style, and are all unique. This week I decided to put them on my fashion blog, because they are perfect!..Not only is it a great salon, but there are lots of great people there. My hairdresser is Nathan Branch, which you will see him in a lot of my photos as well..Studio Posh is a great salon and truly one of a kind, so if you have never been need to go check it out! Enjoy the pics..Special thanks to all of them who posed for all look great!

This is Sara from Studio Posh. Sara has her own type of bohemian look going on here..very cute

If you look close you can see the braided headband that she is trendy!

This is my hairdresser Nathan, he is a wonderful hairdresser, check him out sometime!!

I love this painting on the building of Studio Posh..

You are too cute!!

This is Heather..I love the pink and red in her hair! 

I think she is a classic pretty..and I love that she has a 50's vibe..

This is Ali, she doesn't know it, but she should be modeling..she is a natural!

Look at her earrings!

Love her flower!

This is Bailey..she is so cute..she reminds me of a dancer..

Stylish..and cute..

This is Carley, and Nathan

Carley's tattoo..I love it...

I hope that everyone enjoyed the photos.. Thanks again to the staff at Studio Posh for posing for me..check out their shop on campus! Love it! 

My new business cards..What do you think?? Look close at her necklace and bracelet..her bracelet is made out of a can, and her necklace is made out of can bottoms.


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