About Me

Hi! I'm Heather..I am a mother of two kids, a total thrift store addict, a photography lover, hoping to catch a big break as a stylist someday..and I have female pattern hair-loss. I love to put thrifty outfits together, and to be creative and different with my clothing. "My clothing is my form of creative art". I love any vintage finds, 50's clothing, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and big huge 50's tulle prom dresses, and full skirts make my heart melt.

This is my beautiful daughter Emily...

She is an everyday princess..she loves dressing up in dresses, barbies, and ALWAYS being a princess. Aurora is her favorite princess...and Merlea, Barbie A Mermaid Tale...we have rented it so many times that it could be our's about 20 times over.

and my son Brayden...

He is adorable, and a down-to-earth great baby. He enjoys eating everything that he can put in his mouth..and he loves the kitty.

What is the purpose of my blog?

I started my blog because I love thrifting, and "designing" every style of fashion with my clothing. I am all about taking the risk..be it good, or bad. I love sequins, sparkly, bling, plaid, unique, bright, bold, just about anything eye catching, and strange. I love vintage..I think I was born out of my element..I belong in the 50's..my heart is in all of the fabulous prom dresses, and full skirts. My blog is about putting together great looks for usually less then $20.00..there are the exceptions for fabulous dresses. "Did I mention that I LOVE DRESSES!"....lol now I am trailing off...ok, back to what my blog is about...I started my blog in hopes that someone will see my styling, my love for fashion, and photography..and I will become a happy stylist someday. My kids..thrifting, photography, and fashion bring me the most happiness in my life. My blog also talks about my struggles with my hair-loss, my kids, and some of the things I am thinking and feeling..this is me...this is who I am.

My name is Heather..and I am a shopaholic who is addicted to thrift shopping..My closets are filled and overstuffed. I am addicted to 50's prom dresses..dresses...heels of any kind..accessories..Glamour magazine..my camera..my kids...etc..Please.. stay for awhile and enjoy my life.

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