Monday, August 5, 2013

80's Polka Dots With A Twist..

Vintage dress: $3.99 from Goodwill
Belt: $1.99
Necklace: .50
Bakers shoes: $20.00

Total look: $26.48

I found this old 80's dress at Goodwill last summer and it was too tight. This summer it was too big, so I added a belt to it to cinch it in, but I still need to have the shoulders stitched up a little to fit me better...which is why I kept my arms on my hips or held up, so I didn't show. I love this dress though..and what I love most is the color..and the polka dots! This is such a fun color to play with, and adding accessories just gives it more fun in color.

As you guys know, I started a new job a few weeks ago, and I am surrounded by clothing, and accessories everyday at work! bad..I know... However, I have been doing really well not buying anything unless I have money on my consigner account. This week, we got a gorgeous Coach purse (I thought) with matching accessories...I don't EVER buy expensive purses! However, I really loved this one..I came home and told my family that I really wanted this purse for my birthday, and that if I didn't get it a little early it would be gone! (My birthday is August, 19th) I would get my discount at work if I bought it. My family, being the loving family that they out their "sock change" and savings to buy me the Coach purse that I wanted for my birthday. My daughter..(Who NEVER gives money..and I mean NEVER, she sleeps with it..counts it every second.) she gave me all of her balled up dollars, and pennies to help pay for the purse..(tears)

Coach bag $71.00 (gift)

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  1. You look great and congrats on the purse - great investment and so sweet of your family to get it for you!

  2. Wonderful outfit - I love the pink with teal. And how sweet is your purse story? Thanks for sharing it with Visible Monday

  3. $6.48 for the outfit, $26.48 with the shoes?? You are one savvy thrifter!

    -Nathy @ Earnestyle

  4. Oh what a sweet little girl. My ydd did something similar when she was young. She bought me a $10 rug for the kitchen for Mother's Day. She had earned a whopping $10 in two weeks by doing chores around the house. I thought she would get me something for $3-4 with her $10. But nope she spent the entire amount on that rug that she new I wanted, but not for her to buy it. The rug is pink and white plaid and very country style, which isn't my style at all now days... but, I still have the rug in my coat closet... awh.

  5. What a great gift that you will enjoy for years to come. I Love that polka dot dress on you and the shoes are to die for. You always find the best buys!

  6. Love, love, love the polka dot dress! Great outfit! I have been on a polka dot craze myself! I found mine at a consignment shop, cream with brown mini dots in a chiffon type fabric making it just flow...and I wore it out to dinner with my new tan cowboy boots for a friends birthday party! YAY!

  7. Love this dress! I can't resist a vintage polka dot dress!

    Thrift and Shout

  8. This dress is just so gorgeous! I absolutely love polka dots! Also, what an adorable purse - and doesn't it just mean so much more knowing that it came from people who love you?


  9. You look gorgeous! I love the dress and the minty blue looks so perfect with it! Plus, this background is AWESOME.

  10. glad you like your job dear heather! you look very glamorous. hooray for new bag. :)

  11. YAY for new jobs! (I now work at Anthropologie so I understand!)

    I love this dress so much and you look wonderful in hot pink!

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  12. such a darling dress! love the pink and white polkadots with the teal belt! such a perfect combo!


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