Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Big Unveiling..Half Raven, Half Edgar Allen Poe...All Hand Sewn..

Hello lovelies. I have been so antsy to show you my big costume! I love Halloween and I love being creative with it. This is the first year that I decided to make my own costume and I sewed it by hand and came up with the idea on my own. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, but it ended up nice I thought. It took me two hours to do the makeup, because I am not that good with makeup..I ended up practicing the night before, and then the next day I got it. What I did was I bought all of my clothes from a thrift store first. I then cut everything in half and sewed them together. I made my collar out of pleather and feather shoots from JoAnne fabric. I made my tail out of tulle, ribbon, and black feathers. The wigs were a little tricky..I cut the girl wig in half and sewed both halves together, and then sewed it to the other wig. My makeup like I said took me forever.. So, What do you think? I have entered it in four contests, and I am hoping that someone will see all of my hard work :) Some of the other pictures that I will be posting on here are from my daughters Halloween party that I put together and some of the things that I made for the house. I will also be putting some links on here to the contests that I entered if you would like to give me a vote, or a like, or just check it out :)

Raven side, but a full shot of look..

Edgar Allen Poe side..

Raven tail..

I put her together for the paty..she is made out of grocery bags, yard sticks, and I used thrifty clothes on her, and a Halloween mask. This was my ghoulish table that I put together..

This girl was there too..

We had to have our party in the garage so, you will have to excuse the background..lol. These were some of the treats for the monsters.

Jello brain, but they ate all the worms..

pumpkin craft table

Monsters eating area..

Puss punch anyone?...

This is my granny, I made her be a cat lady for Halloween..lol

she looks great!

pumpkin decorating table

some pumpkins the kids made..

isn't she precious..

my son with the crazy cat lady..

I could have taken great photos of her for portraits..

Bobbing for apples...

Frankenfoot!..lol this was a game called brains and eyes..you have to put your feet in spaghetti and pull the eyes out

My daughter in the room being a girl..too big for games

mummy wrap time...this is the best game I swear

he kept saying it took way too much toilet paper to wrap him..

my son..cutest monster ever..

the artist did this pumpkin

My daughters pumpkin with help..

How cute..

Emily had to have a tail on this ..

I hope you love all of the Halloween..I posted a blog of the rest of the house decorations last week if you want to check it out.

If you like my costume..you can vote for it here..

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