Monday, October 15, 2012

I'm Not Afraid Of The Bid Bad Wolf..

Hi there everyone. I decided to do a Halloween posting for today. I don't know about you, but Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I am going to be doing a few Halloween postings just for fun before I reveal my secret costume that I put together. When I went to this location to do this picture, it was a LONG twisted driveway to a house that was up for sale. I had been taking pictures until a car was honking at me to get out of the I didn't think there would be anyone wanting to go down this driveway since it was up for sale..but apparently they did. I was parked at the top of the monster driveway, because there was no way I was driving all the way down this and walking back up! Needless to say...I was blocking the whole driveway..and made a lot of people mad...On the other hand..this was the perfect place for the pictures. I thought it really looked like I was lost in the woods.

Red ridding hood dress: $3.99 from Goodwill
Stockings: $2.99 from Claires
Charlotte Russe heels: $8.00 from Plato's Closet
Heart picnic backet: $1.99 from Goodwill

Total look: $16.97

Have a great day everyone..see you tomorrow!

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  1. this is adorable and way better than those 60 dollar costumes!

    Can't you live in Florida so we can be thrifting besties!?! ;)

    plus I am totally jealous of that wood scenery it's gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! I am always looking for a thrifting bestie!

  2. To cute!! I want to borrow the costume! But I'm sure they didn't think you were crazy walking around dressed like that!;)

  3. Right on miss Heather. The forest was the perfect place and the photo is awesome but too bad the bully cars had to come along, sheesh. lol

    Love the prices and the look you got today.

    Thanks for joining easy Tuesday AGAIN! that is awesomely awesome.

  4. I love Halloween! I still haven't decided what to be! Eeek! Love your costume!

  5. Cute lost Red...haha, very cute. Thank you for coming to easy Tuesday, too.

  6. You look so cute! I can't believe the great prices you paid. Amazing!

    Also...don't those silly drivers know that blog photos are so much more important than them? Sheesh. The nerve.


  7. Great costume! And that driveway was a great choice for photos!

  8. heather you look spectacular! bring on the halloween postings. it's my fave holiday. i think you are so brave. the mad people were totally work the shots. :)

  9. hey girl here from loving lately and a new follower!!

  10. holy cuteness!

    Have a great night! Stop by and say hello! xo

  11. That is so cool! I can't believe your whole costume was so cheap! :O
    Dropping by from the GFC blog hop. :)

  12. Heather this is fantastic. You look amazing as little red riding hood. The driveway is perfect and looks surreal. Great post. dawn suitcase vignettes xo


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