Thursday, August 30, 2012

Country Western Chic...And A Scolding From Grandma...

Hello there. I am glad to see all of you back for another thrifty day over here. I have a lot of different styles that I like, but I love the country look. I took these pictures down by an old barn by my house yesterday. My neighbors had said that the owners of this property were gone most of the year, so when I went there to take pictures I didn't think to ask anyone, because I thought they were gone...However, while I was on the property the three kids of theirs were yelling from afar to get off of their property as loud as they could yell over and over. Their home was wayyyy back from where I was..I was all the way down by the road, but needless to say they told their grandma on me. I have now been informed that someone does in fact live there in the summer..

Miley Cirus denim shirt: $3.00 from Walmart
Roderte for Target skirt: $8.00 from Plato's Closet
Boots: B-day gift
Belt 1.49 from Goodwill

Total cost: $12.49

Have a great weekend everyone. See you Monday.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Princess 50's Style Birthday Dress...Taken From The Backroom..

Hello everyone. I hope that you all are having a good day. I wanted to show everyone this beautiful gift that I received for my birthday. I had wanted a princess dress for my 28th birthday this year, found one, then lost it by $1.00 on Ebay! I searched for two months, no each 50's dress is truly one of a kind. I stopped at a vintage shop in Columbus called Flower Child. When I got there I was just browsing through their vintage prom dresses, and still no luck...well I had to go to the bathroom while I was there and...guess what was sitting in the back room in the bathroom??...yep, this dress. I am not sure what it was doing back there, it had the price tag on it, but I assumed that it was being held for someone. I ended up leaving the shop empty handed, and sad that I would have no princess dress for my birthday...A few days later I went back to the shop with Jean and Lynne, since they were taking me out for my birthday, and Lynne asked "where can we find you a princess dress in here?" I said...well there was one in the bathroom a few days ago...I could see the question mark look on her she said..."well, you must try it on then!" As we went back to the bathroom, the dress was still there in the backroom in the same place. We locked the bathroom door, and I had to try it on. Let me say that it took two women to squeeze me into this! I was able to get this on though by myself when I wore it this day, but it was painful, and hard to breathe lol. I just need to loose a few inches!, we took the dress out of the backroom and carried it around, and decided to barter the dress down some. I made Lynne do it, because I was too She did get 30.00 knocked off of it, but the associate had to call the owner on the phone and she kept saying "What pink dress?" "Where did she find it?" one will never The birthday princess had to have her dress...
On another note. I found out today that I have female pattern baldness, so I will be loosing my hair at a slow process. Those were the results found from my scalp biopsy, and I am getting my stitches out Thursday. I have decided that since I will be loosing my hair that getting a wig at some point will be fun, and I can be a different girl everyday when that happens.

Birthday dress (gift) $120.00 from Flower Child Vintage
Necklace and earring set (gift) $20.00 from Logan antique shop
Lei shoes: $2.00 from the Salvation Army

Total princess look: $142.00 in gifts!

Dress: $2.00 from Salvation Army
Shoes: .79 from Goodwill

Total look: $2.79

Have a great day everyone...thanks for stopping by.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Polka Dots, Lace, Florals And Procrastination..

Glad to see all of you lovelies back for another day! For today's look I decided to mix different textures and patterns, and this is what I came up with. It is nearing the end of summer, so I wanted to play with a fun floral look. I love the fall though, and I can't wait for it to be here, it is one of my favorite times of the year. It reminds me of new beginnings, love, beautiful weather, nights that I love to stay out in all night enjoying the breeze, and snuggling up tight at a football game. I can't stress enough how much I love the fall..
All month it seems, I have been putting off doing lot's of things..going through my closet and getting rid of dresses..filling out paper work for the preschool, new doctors, organizing and going through things etc. Every time I start to do one thing, I find something else that I need to be doing instead..I will get to it in a minute. Just like these shoots for the week. I waited till the last min had no idea what outfits I was doing, or where I was taking the pictures. There were no places that inspired me to want to take a picture in the background, so procrastination has been my evil friend with everything. To my phone calls even, I will get to it tomorrow...hopefully I will be able to let go of this procrastination so that I can get some things done! What do you guys procrastinate with?

Lace top: 1.99 from Goodwill
Forever 21 tank: $2.50 from Forever 21
Forever 21 skirt: $3.99 from Goodwill, Morse rd.
American Eagle shoes: $8.00 from Plato's Closet
Belt: $1.49 from Goodwill
Flower pin: .10 from Goodwill

Total look: $18.07

Thanks for stopping by..see you tomorrow!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Inspiration Monday..Confessions...And A Thank You..

Happy Monday to everyone. Good to see everyone visiting my blog, and to be back. I hope that everyone's weekend went well. I found that my weekend went by so fast.. and then Sunday came and I had no idea what outfits I was going to be posting for the upcoming week! This weeks inspiration at the Two Birds, is Jessica Alba..which I look nothing like her...but I did a curvy version of her outfit! I wish that I would have had some bright wedges like hers to go with this, and you would think that I did with all of the shoes that I own..but no bright wedges..except yellow..and I didn't like those. I did have a cute necklace to go with this...but my daughter broke it in the car and I forgot my this is what I came up with from the inspiration. See what you think..

Old Navy jacket: $3.99 from Goodwill, campus
Forever 21 tank: $2.50
Inked jeans: $5.99 from Salvation Army
Mossimo shoes: $6.00 from Target

Total look: $18.48

I was laughing at something really funny here...

I have not blogged for a month..
I have not worked out for two weeks..which I usually go about 3-4 days a week..
I probably didn't need to eat out all week..
or eat all of my birthday cake...
I probably didn't need to buy that cute dress off of Etsy..
I am still trying to get used to my haircut..I really wanted to grow my hair long, but I am still experiencing lots of hair loss..
I am addicted to 50's prom dresses..
I have so many dresses that I could fill a room..
I do not think that I am a model, not by any means!
I love clothes, and enjoy being creative with them...and I am probably one of the hardest people on myself when it comes to criticizing. 
I love cartoon t-shirts and shirts with silly things on them..
Just because I don't have an important job tittle..I am important..and have a very important job..I may not have a fancy car and home, but I have a very special two kids :) that is my "tittle"

I wanted to give a special thank you to Sandra over at Red Rose Vintage..she helped to put together my banner for me since I don't have Photoshop! not to mention has been very helpful. Now I just need to learn coding, and buttons..etc! Go check out her is super cute.

Here is the inspiration..

Friday, August 24, 2012

Vtg. Items Up For Sale On Ebay, Thrifty finds, Brayden, And I Will Be Returning On Monday!...

Hello dears. I wanted to post and let everyone know that I will be returning back to normal on Monday! Please be sure to join me for my postings again. I have found lot's of great thrifty things lately from the Salvation Army, Ebay, and from some of the vintage shops that I have went to. The Salvation Army seems to be my favorite place to go on Wednesdays for half-off day, because they have lot's of great vintage one-of-a-kind pieces if you are a lover of vintage. Ebay is my favorite place to shop for vintage 50's prom dresses which I love!. I just need a place to where all of them..any thoughts?

Vtg. tweed jacket for sale

Vtg. 60's-70's dress for sale. This has possibilities for the fall.

Vtg Toni Todd dress up for sale

Vtg. 40's-80's dress up for grabs

up for sale

Peasant skirt up for sale

50's skirt up for sale

Vtg 80's dress up for sale

Vtg. Gunne Sax dress up for sale

50's day dress up for sale


cute! up for sale

Gunne Sax up for sale

50's day dress up for sale

and many many more...check out my Ebay link to see what is up for sale..I will be adding more.

This is a wedding dress that I found at the Salvation Army for $15.00 I couldn't believe it. I am not getting married anytime but this fit perfect and I thought it was pretty.

For $15.00 It wasn't staying there. It just needs cleaned and pressed.

Terrible picture that I took, but my house doesn't get much light anywhere, and the dress was so big that I couldn't get all of it in with my background.

So, what do you think of my $15.00 find??
ok..not my son..he is WAY more then that...

This is my son Brayden. I don't think that I have ever posted a picture of him. It is usually me and Emily. Here he is!

Look at that cute baby!
See you guys on Monday!