Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vintage Elegance..

I love a classic vintage feminine look..don't you?.. I found this vintage shirt at Goodwill on campus and I instantly knew what I wanted to do with it! I love that it is see-through and the pretty embroidered flowers on the sleeves. What do you think of this look??...This is Friday's post early..I will have lot's of running around to do tomorrow! My daughter's  b-day is Sunday! she will be 4

Newport News shirt $3.99 from Goodwill
 Black tunic dress $3.00 from Rue 21
Belt $1.49 from Goodwill
Necklace from Jewel Kade

Candies shoes $3.99 from Goodwill
Earrings $3.20 from Body Central I didn't get a close-up of them but they are so pretty!

I received lot's of nice comments on this outfit when I wore it out the other day. Someone thought I was a photographer, rich, a drug, a hairdresser..etc. this look was a little over 10.00! so easy to do and put together! Have a nice weekend everyone!

Florals And Shine....

Hello everyone..over the weekend I went to the park and took pictures. It was a dreary and cool, I added some florals and some brighten up the day.

Ann Taylor floral tank $3.49 from Goodwill.
Cynthia Rowley cardigan $3.99 from Goodwill.
Apt. 9 purse $2.99 from Goodwill.

What do you think?? Let me know how I can reach out to get some fans of my blog! pass along and leave all your comments.. thanks everyone, have a good day :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bold Geometrics + Tribal Accessories = This!

So, here was the inspiration..then I added some personal touch..What do you think??

Forever 21 shirt $3.99 Goodwill
Forever 21 skirt $6.00 Plato's Closet
Necklace $5.00 Plato's Closet
Bracelet $4.99 Goodwill

I love this necklace it is so unique!..

Here you can  see the bracelet a little is an Indian beaded bracelet.

Charlotte Ruse heels $8.00 Plato's Closet

When I purchased this shirt the other day, I saw a blind man outside. He was passing by asking someone outside where the nearest gas station was. It made me think of how lucky I am that I can see, something that I take for granted everyday. I am able to see color and beauty in all of my surroundings. I am so lucky in so many ways that I forget sometimes..even when things appear to be could always be much worse... Thank god for the beauty in things that I can see. When I wear this shirt I think of him..and the things that I should be grateful for..

Sunday, March 25, 2012

50's Inspired shoot, How Do You Clean Your House?...

Hello everyone, I hope that you all had a good weekend..I spent my weekend taking pictures, and trying out different things, trying to learn my camera. I decided that I wanted to do a 50's inspired photo-shoot since I love the 50's, plus I was inspired by Mongs question, from My Thrifty Closet.. of what do you wear when you clean your house?.. So, I am going to show you how I clean my house..

Forever 21 Jacket dress $20.00 from Ebay...little pricey..but I had to have it!
Blue tunic $3.00 from Rue 21

This Jacket has sailor buttons on it, and puffs all the way out like dresses from the 50's

I am so happy about cleaning....just like the 50's

I would rather be reading Glamour...

Even when I am vacuuming, it is done in fashion...

Ready for a nap...

My daughter Emily is a model too..she had to jump in..

Had to put this daughter picking her nose!

Glamour, my favorite magazine..had to add a cute 50's inspired bow..

What it looks like without the jacket dress..

Gotta have accessories..Apt. 9 purse $2.99 Goodwill.

I love these shoes..They are a different pattern, yellow with cherries, and they just said 50's to me..

Shoes $3.99 Goodwill

Hope you enjoyed my pictures..I had fun coming up with ways to shoot the pics. I accidentally hit post this was for my Monday post :)..enjoy..

In closing, I wanted to say that it is important to love yourself, no matter what you look like. Women have so much emphasis put on how we should look, what size we are, what we should and should not wear. The media has gone overboard with this, only certain ages are good for selective  modeling, certain sizes, body types, bodies with no stretch marks, only "pretty faces"..etc.. Well ladies, I have had two kids, I am 27, and I have stretch marks, have gained 20lbs since having my son, and I realized how hard and judgmental I am on myself!! I will get back to the size I want to be..but I need to love myself, for me and how I look. Mother's are gods greatest yourself, stretch marks and all, they are beauty marks from god giving us our greatest gift that we give to the world. We are all beautiful no matter what we wear, or what size we are..Wear what you love with the size you want to be with confidence, improve yourself for you, because that's what YOU want..Life is so short and we are too hard on ourselves. Beauty is within, and shines on the outside when we love ourselves.. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fashion And Beauty Is Everywhere...

I decided that I was going to post my fashion things and the things that I see along my thrift hunts. There are so many things that I haven't seen, and many things that I haven't done. I was amazed at all of the interesting things that there are in Columbus, Ohio, when you really look at your surroundings the good and the bad, there is beauty everywhere. So, here are some of the things that interested me while I was on my hunts this week, see what you think.

 In this picture there were two guys getting arrested as soon as I got to I didn't want to get too close..

I liked the look of this building from the side.

I thought that the shapes, lines, and shadowing were interesting here.

This is the Short North arch..I like the light bulbs..

This picture was interesting from many angles.

What a decorative piece..I like the curves, and the lines.

I love this picture..This is a bathroom in Betty's, a restaurant in Columbus.I moved out of the way so that I could get a picture of the lady in the mirror.. 

Such a charming man..this is all artwork in the bathroom.

and here is the lady..not in the mirror.

I thought this was funny..

This is the bar at Betty's...

more pics of the restaurant..

Betty's all over the walls..

This is a shop that I passed.. I thought there display was happy..and full of spring.

I wanted to capture the texture up-close in this dress.

I LOVE these Manichean's!

They are soo....cute!

This shop was soo cute..

These displays are so fun.

as you can see..I love these. I wish I knew where they came from.

I thought these girls were cute, and had their own sense  of style.. I love personal style.

What do you think of my pictures from Columbus?

In closing I want to say, never give up on the things that you are passionate about..the things that you love, and want to do. There will always be people who think that what you do are stupid, not productive, or important. If you work hard at anything you enjoy, and are good at..with time you will be where you are meant to be. Follow your dreams, and go down the bumpy roads... with time, good things will happen. God has given us all talents and they all come in many different forms. Nothing that you love and are passionate about is "stupid", and of no value. 
Mothers have many jobs, we are doctors, cooks, taxi drivers, maids, thrifty shoppers, psychologists, bell hops, planners, providers, models etc.. the list goes on and on, and even when you lay down at night the list continues. Often times these things are not seen, and we are living the "good life"...Mother's have no paid vacations, no major income for the many jobs that we provide, no breaks..( know you cant step into the bathroom without a kid wanting to know what you are doing in the if it were a magical thing that they have to see..) 
To all stay-at-home mom's with no one who recognizes your worth...I see it. If you look at your kids you will see it...Follow your dreams, whatever they may be, as well as being there for your family. Take the time to feel beautiful, and see beauty everywhere..and within yourself.