Thursday, March 8, 2012

Look At What You Can Do With A Flower Pin!

Look 1:
This outfit is a mixture of texture and lace. I love black, white, and red together...and I added this cute flower pin to set the outfit off. 
H&M jacket: from Goodwill high st. $3.99
 Dress: Miley Cirus from Walmart $3.00 
Belt: from Goodwill Lancaster $1.49. 
Flower pin: from Goodwill Lancaster .25

         In this picture I just added a cute hat that I got at Walmart for $10.00

Here I have added some different accessories. 
Clutch: .25 at yard sale
 Shoes: Charlotte Ruse from Plato's Closet $8.00

Look 2:
 This is a nice fun look for going out. Still using the same dress, just changing up some of the accessories. 
Necklace: from Plato's Closet $8.00 
Hat: from Goodwill $1.49

Look 3:
 This is a nice dressy casual look using the same jacket, belt, and flower, and adding skinny jeans.

I love this look, and I cant wait to wear it...Let me know what you think of the outfit combos!


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