Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rolling Stones..Rocker Chic..

I am a huge fan of the Rolling Stones, but I love to mix different looks, so I decided to go with some rocker looks today. All of these outfits have three different looks. I think these are rocker chic..Let me know what you think!

 Look 1:
Rolling Stones t-shirt: from Plato's Closet $6.00
 Leather jacket: from Plato's Closet, $8.00
Belt: from Goodwill Lancaster $1.49
Wet Seal skirt: from Goodwill Lancaster
Arden B leggings: from Plato's Closet $12.00

Look 2:
 I like this look because you can pair a nice evening dress with a hoodie, and still look chic.
 Rolling Stones hoodie: from Goodwill Lancaster, $3.49
 Formal red sparkle dress: from Goodwill $10.00
 Belt: from Goodwill Polaris $1.99
 Peace necklace: from Goodwill $2.49

In this picture I unzipped the hoodie, so that you can see how the top of the dress is.

                                                Here is a closer look at the top of the dress.

               I wanted to show how pretty this dress was by itself also...

                                          Lots of sparkle!

                                                             Back of the dress

Look 3:
 I love this outfit! I didn't intentionally buy these to go together, but once I paired them up I really liked them together.
 Charlotte Ruse bustier: from Goodwill Lancaster $1.99 
Vintage sequence skirt: from Goodwill high st. $3.99 
Belt: from Goodwill Lancaster $1.49
 This belt has a cameo on the front.. I love it! 
Peace necklace: from Goodwill Lancaster $2.49

                                     A longer view of the outfit.

Back of bustier

I hope that everyone has had a nice weekend.. I had a great time this weekend with my mom and grandma, touring thrift shops in Columbus, and trying new restaurants. We saw some new and unusual things there also which I will be showing you... I am getting a new form and camera soon! so, I  will be improving my blog as I learn new things. Share ideas with me...Help me improve my blog! There are a lot of things that I don't know how to do yet..

These are pictures of a car that was in the parking lot at a thrift shop that we visited...I thought that it was funny...different...and creative..

 This is the back of the car.. taken with my mom's good phone..the other's are done with mine, and not very good..

Well..the left side of the

All done with duck tape...thus the creative part..

Well, this car def needs someone modeling as a pin-up with it.. I'm not modeling anything right now guys.. I have 20lbs of baby weight left to go..then I will be modeling!


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