Thursday, March 8, 2012

Goodwill Finds!....

              New York and Company tank, Goodwill High st. $3.99

                  Self Esteem tank, (front) Goodwill High st. $3.99


                             Victoria Secret dress, Goodwill High st. $4.99(front)


                     Forever 21 tank, Goodwill High st. $3.99(front)


                                                 Wet Seal tank, Goodwill High st. $3.99

                         Banana Republic tank, Goodwill High st. $3.99

                Back of Audrey Hepburn shirt, Goodwill high st. $3.99

                          Forever 21 shirt, Goodwill high st. $3.99

                       Forever 21 shirt, Goodwill high st. $3.99

                                       Wet Seal shirt, Goodwill High st. (front)

                                          Wet Seal shirt (back)

                                   Dress, Goodwill High st. $4.99

                          J. Crew dress, Goodwill High st. $4.99

                                      B. Moss sweater, Goodwill Lancaster $3.49

                            Dress, Goodwill Lancaster $3.99

                                  Old navy tank, Goodwill Lancaster $1.99

                            Dress, Goodwill Lancaster $3.99

      My fashion idol, Audrey Hepburn shirt, Goodwill High st. $3.99 (front)

What do you think of my finds??


  1. wow wow.. so many great finds, I like all the red tops especially. The first top with the coral and purple print is my favorite!


    1. Thank you. I love your style, and I love your blog. I'm just starting out, so my blog needs a lot of work. Any suggestions , or advice you can give me..I am open to them. Thanks for checking out my blog..


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