Thursday, March 8, 2012

Vintage Sequence Dress...Modeled By Mommy And Me...

This is my beautiful daughter Emily, she loves dressing up in the pretty dresses that I find. I love this vintage dress, and I love it so much because of all the detail work in the beading. I appreciate handmade work, and I love embelishments, and bling! This dress was actually found  by someone else, and I saw it and was drawn to it. Luckily, the girl put it down and it became mine :). I found this dress at the Goodwill on high st..Since they have opened their new location, I love it, and I love going there on Saturday.

I want to add that my daughter models like this all on her own! she is such a little fashionista!

I think she was actually looking at our cat in this one.. Look at all the detail in the shoulders of this dress, beautiful!!

                                              This is my favorite picture of her in this dress.

 Me and Emily. Im in the process of loosing my baby weight. I just had a baby boy and he is 3months old as of this month.

                                       So, I have a lot of back in this

                            Here is a picture of the dress by itself.

                       I love this dress..Let me know what you think of it.


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