Friday, March 23, 2012

Fashion And Beauty Is Everywhere...

I decided that I was going to post my fashion things and the things that I see along my thrift hunts. There are so many things that I haven't seen, and many things that I haven't done. I was amazed at all of the interesting things that there are in Columbus, Ohio, when you really look at your surroundings the good and the bad, there is beauty everywhere. So, here are some of the things that interested me while I was on my hunts this week, see what you think.

 In this picture there were two guys getting arrested as soon as I got to I didn't want to get too close..

I liked the look of this building from the side.

I thought that the shapes, lines, and shadowing were interesting here.

This is the Short North arch..I like the light bulbs..

This picture was interesting from many angles.

What a decorative piece..I like the curves, and the lines.

I love this picture..This is a bathroom in Betty's, a restaurant in Columbus.I moved out of the way so that I could get a picture of the lady in the mirror.. 

Such a charming man..this is all artwork in the bathroom.

and here is the lady..not in the mirror.

I thought this was funny..

This is the bar at Betty's...

more pics of the restaurant..

Betty's all over the walls..

This is a shop that I passed.. I thought there display was happy..and full of spring.

I wanted to capture the texture up-close in this dress.

I LOVE these Manichean's!

They are soo....cute!

This shop was soo cute..

These displays are so fun.

as you can see..I love these. I wish I knew where they came from.

I thought these girls were cute, and had their own sense  of style.. I love personal style.

What do you think of my pictures from Columbus?

In closing I want to say, never give up on the things that you are passionate about..the things that you love, and want to do. There will always be people who think that what you do are stupid, not productive, or important. If you work hard at anything you enjoy, and are good at..with time you will be where you are meant to be. Follow your dreams, and go down the bumpy roads... with time, good things will happen. God has given us all talents and they all come in many different forms. Nothing that you love and are passionate about is "stupid", and of no value. 
Mothers have many jobs, we are doctors, cooks, taxi drivers, maids, thrifty shoppers, psychologists, bell hops, planners, providers, models etc.. the list goes on and on, and even when you lay down at night the list continues. Often times these things are not seen, and we are living the "good life"...Mother's have no paid vacations, no major income for the many jobs that we provide, no breaks..( know you cant step into the bathroom without a kid wanting to know what you are doing in the if it were a magical thing that they have to see..) 
To all stay-at-home mom's with no one who recognizes your worth...I see it. If you look at your kids you will see it...Follow your dreams, whatever they may be, as well as being there for your family. Take the time to feel beautiful, and see beauty everywhere..and within yourself.  


  1. firstly, your pictures are really cute. The wedding shop is so pretty. What you said in the second part of your post totally speaks to me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts because it really encouraged me. I get those annoying questions like when am I going back to work stuff and why do i have so much time to blog, go get a job advice. Stay home moms have the best job in the world. I feel so privileged to be able to stay home with my kids. Yes I should not give up on what I am passionate true ...God gave us talents.


  2. Looking down that side street seeing you in that Disney Princess outfit made us so curious that we had to investigate. Talking to you was fun and interesting. Your love of form and shape comes through in the photos in this blog. Don't forget to take some photos of the beauty shop across the street from where we met in downtown Lancaster--lots of intriguing things there, too. Have you considered a career in photography? You seemed to be a lovely lady, and your blog comments about a woman's body are good to hear. Good luck with the blog and your fashion. Dennis and Joan from Columbus

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking it out. It was nice to meet the two of you as well.. I am sure that a lot of people downtown are curious as to why someone has on a ball gown I will stop and check that place out. I would like a career with photography, and fashion! still have more to learn with my photography, but I have been hearing a lot that I should get into photography. If you do like my photography I am on facebook and I have a lot of random pictures that I take on there. I am Heather Morris in a picture with my son, you can find me on there. Lovely to have met the two of you. Stop by again!


Thank you all for your kind words..They touch my heart, and leave a smile on my face. Thanks for stopping by.