Thursday, March 22, 2012

Florals For Spring..

Here is a cute floral pic for spring...they inspired my outfit for the day. The inspiration came just in time since it has been so beautiful out.

Vintage floral beaded tank (had tags that said $93.00!) $3.99 from  Campus Goodwill
Body Central skirt $3.00 (sale)
Candies wedges $8.00 Khols sale
Apt. 9 purse $2.99 Lancaster Goodwill

I am on my baby weight loss program..20lbs left to loose..

I just added some black pants instead of a skirt...
I would have paired it with a hot pink skirt, but I cant wear it yet... soon!

Just wanted to use me sometimes..once I fit in my clothes again I will post more :)

 Up-close shot of the floral pattern on tank..

My daughter and son,,


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