Monday, April 30, 2012

Cirque Inspired..

Happy Monday..I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend! I know that it went way too fast here I have to get lot's of spring cleaning and organizing done around here! Last weekend I was inspired by this painting downtown..and it reminded me of a I went for a "circus" inspired shoot. My four year old said "mommy why did you go to the circus without me?" Guess she got it! I hope that you enjoy my pictures..let me know what you think!

Worthington cardigan: $3.49 from Goodwill
Scarf: $3.00 from Plato's Closet
Vintage skirt: $3.99 from Goodwill
Dru New York shoes: $3.99 from Goodwill

Total Look: $14.47

I hope that you have enjoyed my photos..have a nice day.. thanks for stopping by.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Chic Spring...

Hello everyone...happy friday! Today's posting is all about spring. I went to Goodwill last week and I found this skirt..the skirt inspired the look..see what you think! Next week there will be some interesting posts on share my blog with your friends!

Terry Lewis coat: $6.00 from local thrift store
Gap tank: $3.99 from Goodwill, campus
Mossimo skirt: .99 from Goodwill, campus
Candies shoes: $8.00 from Plato's Closet

Total Look: $18.98

Closeup of shoes...I just love them! I think they are soo cute.

Thanks for looking..I hope that you have enjoyed the pictures. Have a good day :) See you Monday!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Thrifty Finds From Lancaster Goodwill

Limited lace top: $1.99 from Goodwill, Lancaster

Xhilleration lace top: $1.99 from Goodwill, Lancaster

Apt. 9 tank top: $1.99 from Goodwill, Lancaster

J.Jill jacket: $3.99 from Goodwill, Lancaster

Ruehl top: $1.99 from Goodwill, Lancaster

J. Crew jacket (love) $3.99 from Goodwill, Lancaster

Take out tunic: $2.99 from Goodwill, Lancaster

Worthington top: $1.99 from Goodwill, Lancaster

Vintage sweater..laugh now..but it is going to look good in a photo shoot.
$3.49 Goodwill, Lancaster

Vintage top: $3.49 from Goodwill, Lancaster

Bebe top: $2.99 from Goodwill, Lancaster

Vintage cardigan: $3.49 from Goodwill, Lancaster

Forever 21 tube top: $1.99 from Goodwill, Lancaster

Wilsons Leather jacket: $15.00 from Goodwill, Lancaster

Vintage beaded top: $1.99 from Goodwill, Lancaster

Vintage dress: $3.99 from Goodwill, Lancaster

Closer look of vintage top

Deb tank: $1.99 from Goodwill, Lancaster

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Neutrals..Soft and Chic..

Hello everyone. For today's posting, I would have liked to have been on a beach..but there are none near Instead, I found this beautiful farm and I thought that it still fit in with my outfit pretty good. I will have to share a blog posting of my photography that is not fashion..I love going out and taking pictures, and I got a lot of great pictures on this day. One of my greatest investments is my camera..and I love it... I am still learning how to use it everyday. I hope that you enjoy the pictures.. Let me know what you think!

Forever 21 tank: $3.99 from Forever 21
She's Cool skirt: $3.00 from Rue 21
Necklace: $5.00 from Plato's Closet
Jessica Simpson shoes: $13.00 from Plato's Closet

Total Look: $24.99

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Western Beauty..

Hello everyone. I drove by this location more then once and I loved the silo..I thought that it had a lot of character, and was interesting. Those of you that know me personally, know that I am attracted to scenery that is not "perfect", distressed, or falling apart. I see the beauty in the strange, or unattractive. Immediately when I found this location, I thought of a country type of look for this shoot, so I put some random pieces together and this is what I came up with. What do you think? I almost fell a million times trying to climb up the platform to take the pics in this tight skirt, and the really high heels! As you can see though, I didn't brake anything!

Miley Cirus ruffle top: $3.00 from Walmart
Starr vest: $1.99 from Goodwill
Belt(handmade!): $1.99 from Goodwill
Vintage skirt: $3.99 from Goodwill
Charlotte Ruse heels: $8.00 from Plato's Closet
Cowboy hat: $1.49 from Goodwill
Real fur: $1.99 from Goodwill

Total look: $20.96

This is the location where I was at..

Thank you all for stopping by...I hope that you enjoyed the pictures! Please share my blog with your friends.