Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cute Ways To Use An Old T-Shirt

I love old T-shirts with cartoon characters, or funny pics on them. I like to be able to wear my old t-shirt, yet still be able to dress-it-up a little and get creative with it. I am obsessed with ties, so I am sure you will see me use them a lot! I have put together three different looks using the same shirt..take a look, and let me know what you think!

Mickey shirt: from E-Bay $10.00
 Vest: from Forever 21, Platos Closet, $6.00
Belt: from Goodwill Lancaster $1.49
Tie: from Goodwill Lancaster $1.49 
Skirt: from Forever 21, $6.00

Look 2:
 With this look I added a cute hat, and some skinny jeans, just to give you a fun casual look. You are still saving money on the outfit, by using the shirt!

Here I just added some fun shoes...these shoes are sooo cute! Shoes, Charlotte Ruse, Platos Closet, $8.00.
This is look 3:
 In this picture I added a fun sequence skirt to add some shine for a going out look. The hat and tie are left on to give you some fun looks with accessories.

Skirt: Wet Seal frpm Goodwill Lancaster, $3.99

With this outfit I just added the hat, sometimes its fun to wear hats. This is just a possibility to add some different accessories to the outfit.
Let me know what you think of these outfits! love, or hate?


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