Thursday, October 4, 2012

Half Off Salvation Army Finds..

Hello you know yesterday was half-off day at Salvation Army. Here are some of the things that came home with me yesterday..I think that I shopped myself out! I am glad to be home today..because I have a lot of laundry, and putting away to do!

This is a perfect 50's dress...Hello Jackie O..

$5.99 from Salvation Army..this tag was not half off, but Jackie O wanted to come home with I said O yes...

I see this dress up to the knee..I think that it will be precious shorter. Nice sweet 50's piece

$6.99 this wasn't half off either..but she needed a home

Forever 21 top: $3.99...nope white tag..

Forever 21 Heritage dress: $3.99..not half off either..

Forever 21 dress: $3.99..I swear..I did find half off items

American Rag dress: $3.99

As I said..I love vintage 80's beaded jackets..and this one isn't quite as big..

Leslie Fay jacket: $3.99

Don't laugh..I thought she had potential to be cute..skinnies and a bib necklace..
Vtg. sweater: $2.00 yes, half off!

Gap sweater: $2.99

This is what I like most about this..the sleeves..would be cute with a school girl skirt!

Express sweater: $1.00 super cute with bright blue skinnies

Forever 21 shirt: $2.00 
cute with a lace skirt!

Vintage Peter Pan top..needs some rework..but I think it will be great.

Peter Pan top: $2.00

I love this color with bright skinnies! top: $1.00

Elle cardigan: $1.99 

B.Moss top: $1.99

The blue dress was from the Salvation Army yesterday..and in Columbus..there kids clothes were 75% off the dress was .50! The other two came from Goodwill and were $1.09


These were all from the Salvation Army and were 75% off too..
.50 a piece!..except for the anchor was $1.99


I love pink for little girls..and this jacket is precious.50

Forever 21 dress: $1.00

Isn't the back cute!

Hello Kitty top: $3.99

Cute sleeves..

Croft & Barrow sweater: $3.99

Hang Ten sweater: $2.00..I can see a rocker look for this piece..

Mossimo dress: $3.99

J.Crew Capris: $2.00 Love these! love the color

Vintage purse: $ different is this? it is missing a toggle, but it's still neat.

Real leather skirt: $2.00

Apt.9 skirt: $3.99

Vintage 80's peplum: $3.99 needs to be shorter, and have the sleeves shortened..

What do you think of the finds? I just love the Salvation Army on half-off day!

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    1. Good to see you stop by! I haven't seen you forever! Hope you are well :) Always a pleasure to see you stop by.

  2. Those are such great finds!!! You're so awesome at thrifting!


  3. Oh my goodness, what an amazing haul! I love those Forever21 dresses and that darling Gap Sweater. I think you have thrifting down to an art, lady! Thank you for linking up with Thrifter Thursday!


  4. Holy cow that is a HUGE haul! My favorites are the red 50's dress and that $2 vintage sweater that you said not to laugh at! Not laughing! I love it!

    New follower over from Lara's Vintage :)


  5. Those really are some great finds!! I love the red dress.. that is so cute. THe baby clothes are cute too!

  6. ok heather, i seriously want your forever 21 butterfly top! if you ever get sick of it, or don't like the way it fits, let me know. the children's clothes you bought are adorable. :)

  7. I came here through thrifty thursdays...those first two dresses and the pink cardigan are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! So jealous of those pieces!


  8. wow you scored big time! Great finds!!

  9. I am so jealous right now. Your Salvation Army must put my Salvation Army to shame. And you have got some shopping skills! Enjoy!

  10. WOW that is a lot of great finds!! Absolutely in love with the first red dress!! Glad you said "O yes" to it!! :)

  11. That floral Forever 21 top is super cute! A lot of your finds are great. Can't wait to see you wearing them!


  12. Hey honey! Love this, but please only link back to one of your posts for the link ;-) Kori xoxo

  13. Score!!!!Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. I'm sorry it's taken me a little while to stop by and say thank you xo


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