Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Charm At The Farmer's Country Store....

Happy Tuesday to everyone..thanks to all who have stopped by. Last week I did a photo shoot at the Farmer's Country Store, a cute little shop intown. They have sentiment type of gifts, candy, antiques, jewelry, etc..everything you can imagine! They have lots of cute handmade items that make the perfect gifts, if you have never been there stop in sometime and check it out! If you are into quilting they also offer classes that you can take there as well. The shop is located at 540. North High St., Lancaster. Special thanks to the shop owner Abby, for letting me in to do the photo shoot..she is super nice, so stop in and say hi! Special thanks to Tiffany also for letting me play dress-up!

This is Tiffany..

Forever 21 dress $10.00 from Plato's Closet
Mossimo shoes: $8.00

Total look: $18.00

These charms are cute..

cute little fabric cupcakes!

Gotta have hair accessories!

These candles smell so good!

I love this picture of her

Now here are some more pictures of the store..


My daughter posing..

such a cute setup..

All of it smells fabulous!!

I have bought several of these charms..they are cute.

I love these..they are so cute!

I boutght that cute charm in the middle!

This is my jewelry that I made..

The shop is so cute as you can see..stop in sometime :)


Thank you all for your kind words..They touch my heart, and leave a smile on my face. Thanks for stopping by.