Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

I started my blog last March, and since then I have gained almost 200 followers! I am very excited to see all of my followers, and I can't wait to see my blog grow further. I am still very new at blogging and there are many things that I don't know how to do like everyone else, but here is to hoping that the New Year will bring many great new things. I am hoping that the New Year will bring me Photoshop, a home lighting system for inside pictures, and a remote control for my camera so that I don't have to run to beet the timer..since Santa didn't put all that under my tree..ha ha. In this year of 2012, I have had a baby boy, lost more then half of my hair, lost 50 lbs, and experienced many challenges. I am hoping that with the year 2013 that I will become more organized..ha ha, save more, find more fun wigs, but also have a definite answer to why I am loosing all of my hair, find my career path and build it as such and to laugh and love more. Here is to looking back at you 2012, and to the start for a good 2013. Happy New Year everyone.













  1. I hope you have a terrific New Year. I also hope you find out why your hair is falling out, but you have company in that misery with this girl. Love you and hope you are blessed in 2013

  2. You look so good! I love all your outfits! You had a pretty eventful year! Hope the new year brings good things for you!!
    Happy new years eve!

  3. beautiful outfits!

  4. Great post! I like your outfits. I hope you have an amazing 2013!

    <3 Melissa

  5. Amazingly beautiful and awesome woman. And you will have a great new year I know it.

  6. H N Y to you! It has been a pleasure meeting you and your blog!
    Looking forward to following your thrift/life adventures in 13..

  7. You cutie you! I wish you lots of love, happiness, health and blogging for 2013! X

  8. Happy New Year! I've enjoyed reading your blog, looking forward to reading it in 2013!

  9. Heather! I've known you since August and it has been a pleasure. May you be granted all those goals and items. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

  10. well, you look good with short or long hair heather dear. how many people can say that, eh? ;)


Thank you all for your kind words..They touch my heart, and leave a smile on my face. Thanks for stopping by.