Thursday, December 6, 2012

Half Off Day Finds At The Salvation Army..

Hello everyone. These items that I found are a little from last week and this week. I have been not going some weeks, and not buying as much. Christmas is coming, birthdays etc. I mostly found shoes at the Salvation here in town..I haven't been to the one in Columbus for a few weeks. I find lot's of great stuff at the bigger one. What are your favorites? 

Boots: $3.50

Mossimo shoes: $3.50

Bongo boots: $3.50

Anne Taylor boots: $2.50

Bakers Boots: $5.00

New Balance new tennis shoes for the gym! $4.00

New Balance shoes: $3.50

Say What jacket: $3.50

Vintage 80's top: $3.00

Maurices beaded top: $1.50

New York & Co top: $1.99

Ann Taylor jacket: $2.50

Miley Cirus Skinnies: $2.00

American Eagle jacket: $2.00

New York & Co sweater: $1.50

airborne shirt for Brayden: $1.50

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  1. Amazing scores! I especially love those first boots <3

  2. i'll take every single one of those boots, the BONGO's for sure, and the 2 little denim jackets. brayden's gonna be so cute in his new shirt. well he's always cute. :)

  3. Love that sequinned top! AHH! Are those black shoes the same as the gray ones that we both have? New mission to find! :)


  4. Wow you found some great stuff! Thanks for sharing Heather!

    Dearest Lou

  5. The Ann Taylor shoes are my favorites! What great finds again :)

  6. what great finds!
    that first pair of boots are freaking awesome!!!
    love them!

    happy friday!

    Redheaded Daybook

  7. Wow what great finds and Great prices! I think my favorite are the first boots too, they are really cool boots : )

  8. You find the best things! Love them all!

  9. I love those purple and black tennis shoes. I've been on the hunt for a pair like those :) Great find!

  10. Woah, so many shoes.. such great deals.. totally jealous! :)


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