Monday, December 10, 2012

Inspiration Monday Jessica Timberlake..

Hello everyone. I hope that you all have had a good weekend. I was busy with my son's birthday party, so I didn't get to my pictures until tonight, but it rained all weekend anyway. The party went well and my son enjoyed his pirate party and all of his new toys that he didn't really need. We built Brayden a ship out of cardboard, made a treasure hunt, and a plank for all of the kids to walk on. It turned out pretty cute, and Brayden had a good time. Now that the party is over I will be able to focus on getting stuff in time for Christmas, because I am really behind. How about all of you? Is everyone ready for Christmas?

Necessary Objects blazer: $6.00 from Plato's Closet (old)
Rue 21 Tunic: $2.00
Mossimo jeans: $3.49 from Goodwill
Mossimo shoes: $3.99 from Goodwill

Total look: $15.48

And the inspiration is:

Hmm...looks like all I am missing is the big rock on her hand and the

Pirate boy!

Pirate kids

Cardboard boat that we made

Walk the plank

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  1. heather i was gonna ask to see the pirate ship, and you showed us! :) you are so creative, and good at making things. your children look beyond delightful. your parties look so fun. you don't need that rock on your hand, nor the bag. just sayin. ;)

  2. It looks like a great time was had by all; such a fun party theme! You look super; like the outfit and LOVE your hair!

  3. Brayden is soooo adorable!!!


  4. That's an awesome pirate ship, and the Plank is so cute! Thanks for sharing your joy and your cute outfit with Visible Monday : >

  5. Heather! man! that is one impressive pirate ship. many a ship's mates have walked that plank, i trust? arrrrrrr!

    i was checking on your blog tons of times yesterday but finally after i log off you are the next post up, so sorry 'bout that. great inspiration duplication! i love that jacket. i am so glad you list your places where you purchased stuff (along with the prices, of course). i am always forgetting about Plato's Closet. i need to shop there some more. that is the first second hand store i shopped at when i started thrifting. now i am so loyal to Savers that i forget about Plato's. dang.

  6. how cute is that little pirate
    i remember both of my boys had pirate b'days, so much fun!
    love the cranberry blazer and that you actually buttoned it up, i never think to actually button up my blazers lol

  7. I love his pictures. You are okay, too. LOL


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