Sunday, December 16, 2012

Inspiration Monday And Small Things..

Hello everyone. I want to start out by saying how deeply saddened I am for the innocent children who who were harmed in Newtown Connecticut. We all take everyday for granted and I was reminded how lucky I really am to still have my children, and my loved ones. Many times I complain about the things that I don't have, and I am forgetful of what I do have even if it is not exactly what I think..I am very blessed in many ways. As all mom's do..I get angry and loose patience sometimes with my children, but all in all when ever they are hurt I totally freak out about what may happen to them. Remember everyday how blessed you are to have the "small" things because they are the things that mean the most.

H&M bird scarf: $10.00 from H&M
Forever 21 Twist jacket: $3.00 from Volunteers of America
Dress: $10.00 from Volunteers of America
Shoes: $2.00 from Salvation Army

Total look: $25.00

and the inspiration is...Leona Lewis over at the Two Birds

My scarf has swallows on it too, but you really couldn't tell in the lighting. I also have a tattoo of one on my wrist as well. I love birds and it is my favorite.

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  1. That jacket is sweet! Love the colours and the details.


  2. You had the scarf right on! Love it. That jacket is gorgeous!! Can't believe you got that great of a price! Amazing.
    P.s. Nope the shoes aren't any harder to walk in than your average heels! They just look different:)

  3. I LOVE that jacket/coat. The whole look is great, as usual. And I agree with your thoughts about the little things in life. They are usually what makes life worth living.

  4. You look sooooooooooooo lovely. Love it.

  5. Fabulous coat, so feminine! Thanks for sharing your look with Visible Monday : >

  6. You look beautiful -- gorgeous coat and the scarf looks great with it! Hugs, Cynthia

  7. That jacket is really pretty, especially on you, I love the nautical feel to it as well! the bird scarf if very cute! Great take on the look!

  8. Super cute outfit! Love that trench!

  9. What a great jacket! It's such a statement piece -- very unique!

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  10. i can't believe what a find that adorable coat was
    love the trim

  11. heather, your jacket's cuter than the inspiration! i envy your boots. yes, these tragedies make us reflect what matters most. is your bird tattoo a swallow too?


Thank you all for your kind words..They touch my heart, and leave a smile on my face. Thanks for stopping by.