Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fruit, Or Vegetables Anyone?...

Hello all. Thanks for stopping by for more fashion fun. Over the weekend I told you that I went to the Salvation Army in Columbus and I found some cute vintage pieces. This was one of them! I was drawn to this dress because it was short for one..most of the vintage dresses that I find are long. I also liked the detailing of the embroidery around the collar and the sleeves, as well as the bright color. I stopped at this fruit and vegetable stand in Lancaster to take my pictures because I thought that they had a nice setup, as well as great product. This is Witten's stand and they stock everything fresh everyday, and they are super nice! What do you think of the dress? I wish that I would have taken a closer picture of the embroidery at the top of the dress so that you could see how cute it is.

Vintage dress: $5.99 from Salvation Army
Miss Bisou wedges: $3.99 from Goodwill

Total look: $9.98

I am not sure what I was doing

One of the workers at the stand.

Thanks for stopping by everyone! See you tomorrow.


  1. from what i can see of the shoes, they are adorable! :) are they yellow with little flowers? i wish i could see the embroidery details on your dress too. cute fruit stand as a photo shoot idea. i like how you got the worker to smile for the camera.

    1. The shoes are yellow with red flowers and cherries. The embroidery has little flowers and hearts. Thanks for your comments :)

  2. Very lovely. The shoes and dress are both adorable!

  3. i think this is my favorite look on you so far! i love the cut and color!

  4. This dress is ABSOLUTELY adorable! Very cute.


  5. That dress is too cute! I love the detail and the fit on you is PERFECTION! You look gorgeous!


  6. Love your dress!
    I'm your new follower, dear!

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  7. You are gorgeous in this shoot. I love the dress, the fact that it is thrifted and the location. Your creativity is contagious. Have a great weekend! dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  8. Your dress made me go "wow" as soon as I scrolled down to see the first pic!!! Such a beautiful colour and I love how it matches the tomatoes!!! Found you via your comment on Red Tag Chic :)

    Catherine x

  9. Nice post ! I adore Your dress so much ! Oryginal colour. Kiss x

  10. ohh i looove vegetable markets like that! and nice dress too!

  11. I like the colour of this dress and it looks great on you. What a great find for $6! :) I am looking forward to your Monday Inspiration Outfit! Can't wait.


  12. That dress is so awesome! And I love the price ;)

  13. this dress is the loveliest dress ive seen in a while! So pretty and red looks great on you!! :)xx


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