Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cute 50's Dress for $1.50!

Hi there everyone. I am loving these vintage looks, and I have so much fun posing for the 50's inspired shoots. Last week when I went down to the Salvation Army I came across this dress for $1.50. Let me say-this dress had some serious ugly hanger appeal..and the lady at the counter looked at me like I was insane. I picked up and put this dress down many times, but I bought it because I knew it had potential for what I wanted. I found the belt I wanted for it at Plato's Closet then it all went from there. As for the location of the shoot, the couple that owns the property was a sweet older couple that looked at me like I was from Mars when I said that I wanted to do a shoot and "pretend" that I was watering their flowers. I know they thought I was crazy, but nevertheless they let me do it, scared all the way! I wanted to take a pic laying on their 50's furniture in the front, but they were scared of me enough! lol. Anyway, Special thanks to them for letting me take a picture in front of their beautiful home.

Vintage Dress: $1.50 from the Salvation Army
Crinoline: $2.00 from Yard Sale
Cato shoes: $3.99 from Goodwill
Belt: $5.00 from Plato's Closet

Total look: $12.49

Love these shoes :)

I love this belt!

Thanks for stopping by everyone :) see you tomorrow..


  1. LOL! You are cracking me UP! Love reading about your adventures -- and what a great color! Lovin' the belt and shoes, too! :-) Hugs, Cynthia

  2. Well of course I like fifties dresses too! Great find :)

  3. What cute photos! Love the dress and that yellow watering can is so fun :)

  4. Omg I am loving this shoot. You look gorgeous in that dress. I have that watering vessel in green to match your dress but the yellow is perfect. Dawn suitcase vignettes.

  5. Oh my goodness, that belt is AH-mazing. I absolutely adore it. I was expecting the worse when you started describing the dress, but I don't understand why a cashier would look at you funny; its really cute! Maybe I have just taken to buying such weird things at thrift stores that I don't even notice when people look at me funny anymore. :P


  6. You're soooo adorable here!!


  7. Sexy, vintage look ! I have to say that You've got amazing shapes in it ! And btw - gorgeous colour of this dress ! Kiss x

  8. it's very bewitched! heather you look fab, brave one, the things you do for art. :)


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