Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Anyone Want To Go To The Drive In?....

Hello everyone. Thanks for stopping by! For today's posting I decided to do a 50's vintage drive in shoot. Here is what I have learned from this shoot..Never wear this skirt again in the hot sun! Don't take kids..lol. So, for every shoot that I do I have to change in the car..It was super hot on this day, and this skirt was like 100 degrees! While I am changing parked behind a dumpster I might add..my daughter decides that she has to pee..so luckily there was a dumpster there for her to pee behind..I started to think to myself of all the stories that my daughter is going to be telling her preschool class for this coming year, or the things she may be doing while she is there...lol. Ok..so, once my daughter pees she pees in her boots! (don't ask me why she wore boots on this hot day) Then she is screaming behind the dumpster because she peed in her boots..lol. After all of this Emily starts complaining as soon as I start the shoot.."When are we going to be done?" "Why do we have to do this every weekend?" I say, "because mommy wants to be a photographer and set up fashion photo-shoots someday"..Emily responds "Mom that is never going to happen, no one will ever find you so lets go!". I told her when I do get to become that someday I am not taking her to Disneyland..lol...  Oh, then my son decides that he needed to poop, and then my daughter spilled her drink all over my seat for me to have a wet butt.

Forever 21 tank: $2.50 from Forever 21
Vintage skirt: $2.00 from local thrift store
Hollywould shoes for Target: $3.99 from Goodwill, Lancaster
Gloves: $1.00 from Jo'Annes
Necklace: $3.00 from Salvation Army
Cameo pin added to necklace: $2.50 from local thrift store

p.s..if you look close you can see a set of little boots..guess who that is...

Total look: $14.99

I have a thing for bows on shoes

I love cameos! and I love this one a lot!

See you tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. It sounds tough to be a blogger-mom! Nice work!

  2. Wow! This ensemble reminds me of the show Mad Men. You look so glamorous and dressed up here, just like the ladies in the show. I am very in love with the red skirt. So gorgeous!

    It is hard to be a blogger mum. Good work Heather! :)

  3. You look so chic Heather...I would love to experience a drive in!


  4. So classic! Love the red and black combo, and what a great background for this outfit :)


Thank you all for your kind words..They touch my heart, and leave a smile on my face. Thanks for stopping by.