Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Favorite Country Vintage Dress..

Yep its another fashion day...thanks for stopping by everyone. Today I am showing another vintage dress that I purchased off of Ebay a few weeks ago. This dress is my favorite I like how much it swings, and that it is so different..I fought to make sure that I won this This dress was purchased from one of my favorite sellers from Geronimo Vintage, you can purchase some fabulous vintage looks from her. It is very rare that I use the same background more then once, but as you know from my previous posting I love this home, and I will be heartbroken if it is torn down :(. As someone with a love of photography this is my ideal spot to photograph. I hope that you like the vintage pics, in a few of them I was actually inside of this falling down it was very hard to set my tripod up, and I almost broke my ankle over all the stuff

Vintage dress: $59.00 from Geronimo Vintage (yes guys, I paid it!) of a kind
Bongo vintage shoes: $3.99 from Goodwill, Campus
Cameo: $1.99 from Goodwill, Whitehall

Total look: $64.98 (probably the most I have spent on any look)

This is one of the shots that I was actually inside the house..I had like no room for my tripod so that's why I have no legs in this Not to mention that I had to climb through the window!

The floor board started to feel shaky here so I had to do these quick

closeup of shoes..

Vintage cameo pin..

See you guys tomorrow. You will want to check out tomorrows posting for Thriftinatics Thursday. I cant wait to show you what I found.


  1. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! I absolutely adore this dress, it is so beautiful in all its vintage wonderfulness.


  2. Thanks for visiting! I'm following you back :) xoxo

  3. Love, love, love! You are crazy, Heather ... and I am highly entertained! LOL! Can't wait to join you on another adventure! Hopefully they'll leave the house standing -- just for you :) And it's ok to smile in some of the vintage photos -- it would be part of your modern twist on the vintage -- :-)
    Hugs, Cynthia

  4. oh my gosh, you climbed through the window? whoa! your dress & the setting remind me of a movie.


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