Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Look #8

Hello everyone. This dress is one of the finds that I go in Maryland. The dresses there were more expensive there, but I liked this dress, and I thought that with it being black and white that I could get some use out of it. What do you guys think of this dress?

Forever 21 dress: $7.99 from Goodwill
Mossimo shoes: $7.99 from Target
Flower pin: .10 from Goodwill

Total look: $16.08

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  1. This outfit is really cute! I love the shoes.

  2. Great look - love black, white and red combo.

  3. Love the whole outfit - great dress, cute pin, wonderful hat, and the shoes are incredible! You look adorable in it!
    Another (much older) Heather -- from Friendship, Life and Style

  4. It's a super outfit and love the way you've used the flower pin to really make it pop!

  5. This is my favorite so far!


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