Thursday, February 21, 2013

Finds From My Trip!

Hello lovelies. These are my finds from my trip to Maryland. I finally got them posted to show you. I hope that you are all having a great Thursday! Have a great weekend everyone! see you on Monday!
Those of you that are into vintage finds, please be sure to check "shop my vintage closet" link at the top of my blog. There are some great vintage pieces up for sale!

Designer trench for Target: $6.99 from Goodwill, Maryland

Newport News lace skirt: $3.99 from Goodwill, Maryland

Dress: $3.99 from Goodwill, Maryland

Coat: $10.00 from Goodwill, Maryland

Forever 21 dress: $6.99 from Goodwill, Maryland

Forever 21 vest: $3.99 from Goodwill, Maryland

Charlotte Russe shorts: $3.99 from Goodwill, Maryland

Dress: $6.99 from Goodwill, Maryland

Forever 21 dress: $6.99 from Goodwill, Maryland

H&M sweater: $3.99 from Goodwill, Maryland

Express dress: $3.99 from Goodwill

Throw for photos $2.99 from Goodwill

Throw for photos: $2.99 from Goodwill

Children's Place dress: $1.09 from Goodwill

Throw for photos: $2.99 from Goodwill

Children's Place dress: $1.09

Children's Place dress: $1.09 from Goodwill

Children's Place dress: $1.09 from Goodwill

Children's Place dress: $1.09 from Goodwill

Dereon top: $1.00 from Salvation Army

Express jacket: $2.00 from Salvation Army

Lipstick tank: $1.99 from Goodwill

Body Central crop: $3.29 from Goodwill

Dress: $3.99 from Goodwill

Top: $1.99 from Goodwill

Nike shoes: $12.00 from Goodwill

Madden Girl shoes: $10.00 from Goodwill

Boots: $25.00 from Goodwill

Mossimo sweater: $6.00 from Target

Shirt: $2.00 from Salvation Army

Delias skirt: $2.00 from Salvation Army

NM for target: $25.00

Forever 21 blazer: $12.00 from Forever 21

Necklace: $6.00 from Forever 21

Forever 21 dress: $12.00 from Forever 21

dress: $10.00

Forever 21 skirt: $6.00 from Forever 21

Charlotte Russe dress: $15.00 from Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe necklace: $12.00 from Charlotte Russe

Tights: $2.00 from Charlotte Russe

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  1. That floral trench is gorgeous! What a great find :)

    Style Diary

  2. So MANY pieces that I love! The Forever 21 sweater dress is totally cute! The Charlotte Ruse turqoise necklace. All the darling shoes, dresses, tops! You had quite the Maryland shopping trip -- made up for all the 'negatives' I hope :-)

  3. Wow there are so many great items, I'm having a hard time picking my fave. That floral trench is amazing on so many different levels--I also love that vest!


  4. Heather, you have a nice collection here from your shopping days. You are an inspiration to me. Come on over and see my stuff (more last week than on this week). :D

  5. heather, it's gonna be so fun to see how you wear your new things, and how you'll show your daughter in her new clothes. i envy those madden boots. i'm happy you found such cool things.

  6. Heather, hi!! So nice to see that you are still the queen of thrift. I love the mossismo sweater, olive shoes which look like my size...hint hint and the forever 21 vest. So much goodness to drool over. dawn suitcase vignettes

  7. You found a lot of great stuff! My favorite is the floral trench, I love it! So pretty.

  8. Those Children's Place dresses are adorable! This is a great group of finds! I'm visiting today from Thursday's Favorite Things. :)

  9. Loving the floral coat, Charlotte pink dress and aztec cropped sweater. What a fab haul :)

  10. I'm always amazed at the haul you come away with!

  11. Wow - I never thought of scanning other Goodwills in different places (cities or states) - what a good idea.

    I love that coat that you found and the little kid dresses are really cute.

    I tried on that black dress with the stars at XSRE (but it was too tight on me) - I love the way it looks.

    I'm stopping by to say 'hi' from Katherine's Favorite Things Thursday - better late than never.

  12. Hi there,

    Yours is one of the only blogs I follow and I love it. I am in the process of getting rid of much of my closet, so you give me a thrill when you share your finds.

    Thank you,


  13. Hi Lovely, I'm your newest follower from Thumping Thursday from Blog hop. I love your Awesome blog!

    Feel free to visit & follow my blog @



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