Sunday, March 3, 2013

Two Giraffe's With Love..You Broke What?!..Thrifty Finds

Hello everyone. I apologize for the delay in my posts, but I had a very busy week...and not the best week to say the least.. I was in such a hurry Tuesday night to get to my workout class that I backed into my garage door before it was ready to go up far enough..let's say that it sensed me and stopped. The good side of this was that at least you know I have gym dedication so much in fact that I busted my whole back glass! The other good side is that I learned that maybe being in such a hurry everywhere I go, may lead to worse consequences. On the bad side I am now out $240.00 for a silly mistake, and I dented the garage door : / Things are ok now and I am moving forward from my expensive hurry...These are finds that I found awhile ago..and I am just now posting them!

Brand new dress by Jack & Ginger (Neiman Marcus) $3.99 from Goodwill

You guys remember this from my Valentine's Day shoot. vintage dress: $3.99 from Goodwill

You didn't see the back!

Gap sweater: $3.29 from Goodwill (also in the Valentine's Day shoot) my fav color pink!

Max Studio shirt: $1.99 from Goodwill

Target t..HOW CUTE! $1.99 from Goodwill

Some finds from the Salvation Army:

Brand new Charlotte Russe jacket: $3.50 from Salvation Army
They dumped their damaged goods there..and this jacket had a couple black smudges but nothing major...didn't bother me! looks pretty new to me.

Brand new Charlotte Russe jacket..also with smudges $3.50 from Salvation Army

Brand new Charlotte Russe skirt: $2.50 from Salvation Army
Had a black spot that came out with shout! good as new

Charlotte Russe dress new! $6.50 from Salvation Army
needs a new zipper

Charlotte Russe dress: $2.50 from Salvation Army
also damaged..ripped at the side, but I sewed it back up

Vtg 80's-90's dress: $3.99 from Goodwill has a cute bow in the back

Top: $3.99 from Salvation Army

Old navy skirt: $2.50 from Salvation Army

Elle skirt: $2.50 from Salvation Army

New York &Co: $2.00 from Salvation Army

Forever 21 jacket: $3.50 from Salvation Army

ok guys..this is for Halloween..this is a very tight form fitting vampire's dress to me
$7.99 from Salvation Army

Sanoma bomber: $1.99 from Salvation Army

Cute boys cowboy boots: $3.99 from Salvation Army

Skirt: $2.99 from Goodwill

Vtg Gunne Sax $3.99 from Goodwill

Leather vtg skirt: $2.99 from Goodwill

Sweater: $3.29 from Goodwill

Sorry for my toes being in some of these
I didn't crop these because I didn't see this till I posted them.


  1. That watercolour dress is so beautiful. I am jealous.

  2. I thrift a lot and I don't find amazing items like you do. Maybe I need to go to try some other ones.

  3. i want the pink jackets, the lace skirt, the sweater, and the black jackets are fun too! you got some excellent things. :)


Thank you all for your kind words..They touch my heart, and leave a smile on my face. Thanks for stopping by.