Sunday, March 24, 2013

Is It Spring?!..It Is In My Mind..

Daisytrip cardigan: $1.99 from Salvation Army (blush pink! my favorite color!)
Pink: Denim dress (LOVE) $15.99 from Dresscode
Mudd shoes: $3.99 from Goodwill
Socks: $2.00
Tights: $3.99 from Walmart

Total look: $27.96

I can tell you that it has NOT been Spring here! When I put this look together..I was longing for Spring..being in an open field with wild flowers..warm sun on me..quiet..and a nice book. It's a dream guys..there is nothing but snow here. Saturday started out pretty nice, and semi felt like a spring day..however, then the Easter egg hunt started. Guys, I will never go to another egg hunt! it was the WORST! First thing to go wrong..forgot stroller for my almost 30lb 1 year old...second had to carry him for an hour and a half cause I thought the hunt started at 11am. Third thing to go wrong..swarms of parents crowding me in till I couldn't move or breathe. Fourth thing, smoke being blown in my son's face...come on, if your going to smoke, go do that away from babies. Fifth thing to go wrong..a big six year old boy trampling my son in the 0-3 year old egg hunt! Sixth..parents..swarming in from all angles with big grocery bags scooping up all of the eggs so that the kids that didn't get any..had none. The hunt is for children..let's all be kind and let them have fun doing the hunt. My daughter ended up not having any eggs, and she went over to a little girl who's mother had a mountain of eggs that she collected and saw one egg straggled from the pile and was going to take it..then the mother snapped at her. I said " I am sorry, she didn't even get one egg, I see you have a mountain there..not only is that sad, and very childish. NEVER doing that egg hunt again. My daughter did end up getting 5 eggs in another race by the end of the day..however, I could not let my son enjoy it, because the animal stampede would have crushed him. I miss the quiet calm egg hunts that I remember as a kid. I thought spring was about happy and kindness..must just be in my
I also want to give a big thanks again to Claire, she has featured me many times and I always get warm happy fuzzies inside when someone likes a look :), not to mention the fact that she is always super sweet. Thanks Claire! stop on over to check out her cute blog as well.

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  1. your outfit is so cute.people had to smile when they saw you.that dress is darling.I adore those shoes and those frilly white socks are perfect with them.adorable look

  2. The dress is lovely and I like the shoes also. I am following you from the creative Monday blog hop. Have a great time.

  3. Everything about your outfit is adorable, right down to the lacy socks and Mary Janes!

    I'm so angry at those egg hunt people, though. Did the mom with the mountain of eggs respond to you when you pointed out the problem?

  4. So, so cute! Thanks for sharing your look and ideas with Visible Monday : >

  5. Adorable outfit! I am SOOOO ready for spring!

  6. This is so cute! I love the cardigan so much and that denim dress is so perfect for Spring! It doesn't feel like Spring here either. Sorry to hear that the egg hunt didn't go so well. Sounds like there were some rude kids/parents.

  7. Your denim dress is so cute!!

  8. that dress is perfect for Spring! i really wish Spring were here, tired of the snow lol. those parents were jerks so it's no surprise their children were horrible too. i'm sorry to hear that.

    C's Evolution of Style

  9. yes VERY VERY cute!!! :-)

  10. Oh I love your cardigan, it looks like it has some lovely velvet ribbon on it - so sweet! Your denim dress is extra spesh with the frill peaking out:) xo

  11. Oh Heather! Yes, I love Claire. I love this 'innocent' outfit. You are always soooooooo creative with your fashion adventures and depictions. Oh and I am here with ya sister about the Easter Egg Hunts. My 1dd stopped doing them after your 2nd daughter was nearly trampled too. Now we just have our own at my sister's house. She has a huge yard. The males in the family hide the eggs and the females help the children find them. They always have a haul. It is the best. oh and ...I LOVE MY FAMILY.

  12. Love that sweater! I hate those egg hunts, my poor little boy stood there empty handed too, with parents running and scooping up and hoarding eggs. He was 2 !!! By the time he could spot an egg and trot over to it, and bend down to get it someone would GRAB it! We never went back to another one.

  13. Arr thanks Heather :)

    I always like to see what wondeful outfits you have put together. I am so ready for Spring, we still have the snow here so hopeful won't be long now, great dress , yeh for Spring ...

  14. Such a sweet girly look! Popped in from Visible Monday.

  15. yes, i had one of those types of days a week ago last tuesday. you look like a doll!


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