Monday, July 8, 2013

Red & Blue..

Old Navy shirt: $3.29 from Goodwill
Premiere jeans: $8.00 from Dresscode
Qupid shoes: $6.50 from Salvation Army

Total look: $17.79

I am calling this post red & blue because of the "gang" markings in the graffiti behind me. The whole time that I was here doing the shoot...Emily's father kept telling me that I was going to end up being dead before I got home because of the red and blue gang writings behind me. On the positive note..I made it out okay, and I just liked the different background. 
What am I loving about this outfit? I am loving these heels! Do they not scream fun or what?! They give this casual look a bit of sexy, and surprise that I just love! I can you not love leopard print shoes?
I hope that you all had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend. We all spent the Fourth at a cookout with some of the family, and watched the fireworks later on from the back of the truck.Yesterday, we had another cookout with the other half of the family. I have to say that the cookout did not have one dull moment at all! There were so many injuries yesterday that I wasn't sure if we were all going to make it through the cookout or not. The first injury was Emily's dad getting a busted lip from him and the dog bonking heads at the same time. Next was the blasting fight with the roman candles..let's just say..someone got hit in the head..but luckily no injury at all! just pain from the hit. Last was a burning hit to the side of my eye from a piece that fell down from the luckily it was not IN my eye, and my eye is fine. Next time I will be WAY far away!

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  1. Wow your Fourth was almost *too* exciting! Glad everyone is OK : > Fab outfit, love the cuff on those jeans. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday.

  2. Whoa what an exciting Fourth! Cannot believe the prices on each of those pieces you are wearing - holy cow! Stopping by via the blog hop! Would love to hear what you think of my recent outfit post inspired by Dances with Wolves if you have a moment: Thanks girl! Happy Monday!

  3. Those are quite the shoes! I've never even tried to walk in shoes that high, but you certainly look like you're having fun!

  4. Ok Heather - 1. ADORABLE NEW LOOK TO YOUR BLOG!!!!! LOVE IT!!!! 2. Cool post with those amazing jeans but lets not ignore one bit, them dang HOT HEELS. OMyGOSH! They are tremendous! They are fantastic! They are the envy of this gal over at Simple Sequins! Did you say $6.50?????? You make me sick [in a sweet way, yes, very sweet] hahahahahahaha. Thank you for the nice compliments to moi on mois post. Is there such as word as "mois"? Oh well.

  5. Love your photo poses! You're inspiring me to do something more than what I've been doing. Adorable outfit and the shoes are to die for.
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  6. oh my gosh heather, i'm so glad you and your eye are ok! i WANT those shoes and those jeans. you find the best things for excellent prices dear queen of shopping fabulously. your blog looks darling.

  7. I really love the hot pink with the leopard! You are rocking it. Visiting from the Plane Pretty link-up.

    Style of One's Own

  8. You're right givin a sexy touch, and im dying for the jeans !! Aa awesomee !

  9. Haha..i love your poses! :) Love the color of the shirt and those shoes are a killer! Found ya via Sunday Style link up. :)

    - Sukhi

  10. Love the outfit, but your poses are the best! Your rocking the shoes and I like the big cuff in the jeans!

  11. Great outfit, love your jeans :) glad you all are ok sounds like an eventful time :)

    Thanks for sharing with us at Creative Mondays ...


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