Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday To Emily..

My fairy look:
Charlotte Russe dress: $15.00 from Charlotte Russe
Fioni heels: $2.00 from Salvation Army
Goody headband: $5.00 from Walmart
Fairy wings: $1.00 from Dollar Store

Emily fairy look:
Neiman Marcus dress: $5.99 from Goodwill campus
Headband: $1.00 from Goodwill
Fairy wings: $1.00 from Dollar store

My look: $23.00
Emily's look: $7.99

Uses for old baby food jars! I like making recycled crafts!

I had to put the display was way to windy

So my daughter is obsessed with Monster High now, and that's all she got for her is a picture of one of the outfits that I got her for her birthday she is Frankie!

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  1. hooohahhhohhhohahaha. So fun! I swear Emily is a mini-Heather. She has your exact face. I've seen pics before but this time it was so true/apparent. You went all out for this gal. Now you do realize that you have to do a fantastic party for the rest of her life, right? hahahahaha.

  2. Arr happy Birthday Emily, you both look great :)Lovely pictures of you all, looks like you everyone had a great time , thanks for linking up to Creative Mondays...

  3. What a glorious party!! You all look so pretty and festive, and happy. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday xoxoxo

  4. Beautiful photos! Your daughter is lucky to have such a special birthday. Fabulous for you to dress up too! Found you on Clairejustine's bloghop :)

  5. OMG isnt she adorable.....your exact replica!!! Love her birthday dress!! Btw Heather, hope you could stop by my blog so you can vote & help me win the Wallis search for its 1st US Blogger would mean so much to me!


  6. What a fantastic birthday party! Mama and the lassie are both looking glorious and it's wonderful to see both the girls and boys having a ball:).

  7. Hey, I am your latest GFC follower from peacoat and plaids blog hop!

    Please return the favour if you have the time :)

  8. Having a ball!! What a beautiful day for a beautiful little girl!! Thanks for all the fun!!

  9. Found you at Plane Pretty linkup and I'm so glad I did! My daughter just turned 5 a week ago! I recognize so much of that stuff because I did the bulk of my party shopping at the Dollar Store too! We had those same marshmallow sticks and go those same wings! I am a big thrifter/saver too and I am so excited to see more from you! Needless to say, you have a new follower! :)

    High Heels and Training Wheels

  10. And PS my daughter is obsessed with Monster High, too! What is it about these ugly monsters? I refuse to let her watch it though; I can't stand it! haha!

  11. omg heather you are such a good party planner. i am always fascinated with the crafts you make, and how you decorate. the pixie dust baby food jars are so pretty. i adore all the photos too. happy 5th birthday to your daughter emily! ;)

  12. What a great party!!! I wish I was little again so people would throw me parties made for a princess! Maybe I need to throw one for myself, lol! Love everything!


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