Thursday, January 10, 2013

Just A Pattern Mixing Prep..

Hello everyone. I had so much fun pattern mixing that I decided to do it again today! I don't usually post on Fridays, but I really wanted to show this look! I really ended up liking this after I was done with it. I really wasn't sure at first, then when I put it on I ended up liking all the different patterns and textures. I don't know about you guys, but I will be out with my friend tonight for some much needed girl time. It is nice to take a break every now and then. Enjoy your weekend everyone, see you Monday!

Talbotts plaid shirt: $2.99 from Ohio Thrift
Sweater dress: gift for Christmas
Jolt jacket: $5.99 from Ohio Thrift
Mossimo shoes: $2.00 from Salvation Army
Necklace: .50 from Salvation Army

Total look: $11.48


Favorite Frock Friday


  1. I have been trying to layer more and I LOVE the look of this plaid shirt under the striped dress!! I may be doing a mix of this on my own if you don't mind.

  2. what a gorgeous way to wear a plaid button up! i must try this. love!

  3. Ah Heather! Nicely done. My Friday Feature will be published at midnight my time (Mtn) so be sure and check it out. I will be directing ppls to your site. This is a perfect post for them to see, those that aren't follow the both of us that is. Hope it benefits you. I give you a feature button later tomorrow that you can ad to your side bar, if you'd like. Yay! I am excited.

    This OOTD is marvelous and it gave me another idea of my own wardrobe. See you are such an inspiration!!! (hug)

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  5. This is a really cute combination, I like the plaid detail at the cuff. Great job on your thrifting!

  6. Great outfit! Love the short sleeve jacket over it all! So cute!

  7. Fabulous outfit! Love what you did and you look marvelous!

  8. It looks great, I really enjoy that jacket and those shoes!

    Corinne x

  9. I nominated you for a Liebster Award - check out my blog so you can see what its all about!

  10. Love the layered look!

    If you get a sec, please check out my latest post on my blog. I would love to read your feedback.


  11. nice outfit! Lovely combination :)

    Do you want to follow each other? :)

    xx ♥

  12. amazing blog, I'm a new reader-follower :)

  13. Popping over from Dearest Lou! Such a cute outfit (& blog, too!!)! :)

    Fabulously Vintage

  14. Heather this is so chic, but it's got an edge... the stripes and checks look like they're part of the same item of clothing! They're perfectly suited to each other, and I love all the colours in the outfit. You look amazing, sweetie!

    Catherine x

  15. i really like this outfit heather. it's one of my faves. you've got great style!


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