Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Proud Auntie..

Vintage outfit: $35.00 from Athens Underground
Shoes: $8.00 from Plato's Closet

Total look: $43.00

Yes guys..I am a proud auntie. My sister had her baby yesterday and he was 6lbs 7oz! can't believe that she got a baby that small! My daughter was almost 9lbs and my son was 10lbs 1oz! I got the bad end somewhere. Her labor ended up being 7 hrs. long and mine with my daughter was 24 hrs. long and my son was 14 hrs. then a c-section! How is that labor is so different for everyone? Here are some pictures that I took of William Ryker Lee. I can't believe how tiny he is and how much hair he has! Congrats to my sister and her new addition to her family..

so precious..

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  1. gorgeous dress and baby! =)



  2. He is a precious baby, I love his cute wrinkly feet! And your outfit is really beautiful!

  3. Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh {my reaction to the baby photos}

    And man! You scored on those sandals!!!!!!!!!! OMyGosh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Congratulations. Being an auntie is the best!!

  5. I absolutely love your outfit - so different and unique! All that lace is gorgeous! And congratulations! Being an aunt is the best - oh, I'm waiting for a baby niece or nephew again. Mine are 15 and 10! Eeep! Your nephew certainly is quite the cutie!


  6. holy beautiful outfit heather! holy wonderful little William Ryker Lee! best wishes to your sis and family. :)

  7. Wow talk about a beautiful white outfit! Great look!

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