Monday, November 19, 2012

Inspiration Monday..And Santa?

Hello everyone. We are finally better doing much better around here. I hope that you all had a good weekend. My daughter started asking about Santa this weekend. I grew up thinking that Santa was real for awhile, I did the whole letter thing and the milk and cookies. Then at some point you stop believing in Santa. My daughter has asked me the past couple Christmas if he is real, and I think that it is best to let her believe as long as she wants. Once we stop believing in Santa then Christmas is no longer as magical and filled with as much surprise anymore. I don't know about you, but I feel that I look forward to Christmas less, and less, every year. I don't know if it is because it happens sooner every year, or because the element of surprise and wonder is not there. I was once told that Santa may not be visible, but the love of Christmas and his spirit is supposed to live on in our hearts. How do you feel about Christmas? What are your thoughts on Santa?

Willie Smith shirt: $3.99 from Goodwill
Sweater: Christmas gift from T.J. Maxx
jeans: $9.00 from Plato's Closet
Boots: $3.99 from Goodwill

Total look: $16.98

and the inspiration over at Two Birds is:

inspmon_XJdT71_zpscbf30840 Thrifters Anonymous

Covered in Grace
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  1. I think your inspired look is better than the inspiration :) <3

  2. I agree with Ines - you look fabulous!Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  3. You look fabulous. I love your sweater so much and like your look better as well.

    I don't have kids, but I have a ton (seriously) of nieces and nephews and it breaks my heart every time one of them outgrows Santa. Having children who believe in Santa makes Christmas better for everyone, I think.

  4. It's cute, I love that sweater!!

    I'm visiting you from Mom's Monday Mingle.

  5. Heather! hi! awh Santa and kids are so important! i was a believer for LONG time and other kids would try to ruin it! So i decided that i still do believe in him because that makes the season so magical. i love to decorate my home. i am not gaudy and over the top, but the decorating makes me feel the 'Santa' feeling again. i'll share my decor on my posts when the time comes.

    you nailed the look here on Inspiration Monday! great job! your style sense is a great example to me. (hug) glad you aren't still sick.

  6. Your sweater is perfect. Love it.

  7. heather, you and i have very similar looks today. your jacket is more like the inspiration though. to me christmas is about friends and family. i don't know how i feel about santa.

  8. Besides the fact that you look great?

    I think it's thrilling and wonderful that we can be Santa to one another. Pretty cool in my humble opinion! (And, fwiw, that's how I explained it to my daughter when she reached that age.)

  9. Great job! You did great at re-creating that look.
    I am stopping by from the YOLO Mondays link party. And I am a new GFC follower. Yay! Happy to be a new reader. I blog over at Pointing Up, you can find me at Hope to connect with you more soon!


  10. Heather I understand what you are saying about Christmas but where is God in all of this? I am keeping Christ in Christmas this year. I guess it's different when you have children but without Santa it's more about the best gift that god gave us and that is His Son. I love your sweater, I looked to see if you thrifted it because I was about to be shocked if you did..hahaha. Love the leaf shot. dawn suitcase vignettes glad you and your fam. are feeling better.

  11. I love this! It is so cute. And I completely agree with your thoughts about Santa/Christmas.

    I am following you now :)



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