Thursday, November 8, 2012

Half Off Finds And The Shoe Bully!

Hello everyone. As you know, yesterday was half off day at the Salvation Army. Every half off day there is a guy that comes there and fills his entire cart up with all of the shoes. He will be all the way at the opposite end of the shoes, and has the hawk eye on you if you touch one shoe! Come on the shoes are for everyone! not for just one person that is re-selling the whole cart. This angered me because this guy shoves you out of the way, and this particular week an old man picked up the pair of shoes (who needed them) and that guy made him put them down! I picked them up and gave them to the old man and said here! stay away from that shoe bully! and said some choice words to that man because he has shoved me out of the way before. I hate when I encounter bullies that are greedy and that is a little much. Then I encountered a lady that refused to move, or move her cart out of the way. Are we not all supposed to be polite? What has happened?  Do you ever encounter anything like this? What do you do when you have a situation like these? To the shoe bully..I am one of the first one's there every Wed, I am going to hold all of the shoes until you leave so that the people that need them get I just had to share this with you all to see what you thought of someone doing that..

Top: $1.50

Top: $1.00

Forever 21 coat: $2.00

Jacket: $5.00

J.Crew cardigan: $1.00

Sweater: $1.50

Banana Republic sweater: $1.50

Express Jacket: $4.00

Old Navy cardigan: $2.00

Old Navy cardigan: $1.50

H&M jacket: $2.50

Tripp sweater: $1.50

I thought that I could make this a t-shirt that hangs off of the shoulder, shorten the sleeves and the length. $1.99

Vintage jacket: $6.99

H&M cardigan: $1.50

faux fur vest: $3.99

Forever 21 dress: $3.99

Candies jeans: $2.00

Old Navy pants: $2.00

Thought I could cut these Arden B pants: $2.00

Vintage pencil skirt: $2.00

BCX skirt: $3.99

Hydrallic jeans: $2.00

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  1. Good for you - standing up to the bully and looking out for the needy! Love the pencil skirt, the sweaters and coats/jackets!
    Hugs! ~Cynthia

  2. Yeah, I would have a hard time with Shoe Bully too. Weird how people hoard.

  3. I wish your shop was in NC! I'm in love with this weeks' finds - best yet.

  4. go heather, for telling the shoe bully off! :D i saw a lady with a whole cart full of shoes the last time i was at the thrift store too. i was like wtf? who needs that many shoes? i want the black motorcycle jacket & the H&M jacket. which is silly because, i hardly ever get to wear jackets in hot as ever texas.

  5. Looks like you found some awesome things! I love the tops you found.
    I'm now following you, feel free to stop by!
    I Heart Pears

  6. WHAAAATTTTT???? Wow, you found some amazing things! I need to shop at your Goodwill!

  7. Goodness you found some amazing things. Please, please, please let me take you with me next time I go thrifting. This really inspires me to take a little more time while I am out shopping. Thank you so much for linking up for Thrifter Thursday!


  8. More great finds. Sorry about the shoe bully...rotten guy! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Wishing you a happy weekend. xo

  9. Wow some people! Good for you for saying something!! You came out with some great finds!!!

  10. wow you salvation army is amazing! you got some great stuff!! i hate those people at the thrift store...hoarding everything!!


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