Sunday, November 25, 2012

Inspiration Monday And New Wigs..

Hello everyone. I hope that you all had a lovely weekend, and a happy Thanksgiving. I had a good Thanksgiving with my family, and I am always thankful for them. Last week I told you that I purchased two wigs..well, this is one of them..what do you think? I have a dark one that is shorter as well, but I didn't wear it for this weeks photos..maybe next week. This wig is synthetic, but I don't think that you can really tell that it is a wig..what do you think? The only thing that I hat about that is that if you want to wear "your" hair it really messes up your hair! I want some crazy color wigs next time..I am on the hunt for another wig shop.

American Eagle top: $4.00 from Salvation Army
Jeans: $8.00 from Plato's closet
Boots: $2.00 from Salvation Army
Scarf: $5.00 from Walmart

Total look: $19.00

and the inspiration is...

Mary Kate

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  1. you look great!! I am about to start rocking wigs as well to treat my natural hair. Wigs are so in right now as long as you style them right and you did!!

  2. I love both the outfit and the wig. It looks so real I'm almost sold on trying them out.

    You did the outfit better than her!

  3. Love the wig! Hey, did you get my email awhile back? I'm doing a nationwide blogger search right now and I would love to include you! Find out how to enter here or just email me back.

    peace&love, Jill
    Favor the Brave

  4. That wig totally is like the real thing! I would have never known until you told me! Way to go!

    Stopping by from the link up!
    Happy Monday!
    Understated Classics

  5. $19 for the entire outfit? Pretty amazing! I need to brush up on my thrifting skills...
    Visiting from the Miscellany Monday link up :)

  6. Heather! hi! oh, you are welcome. I love to come to see what you have on each day. You are so talented and an inspiration to me. I love the new hair and the length. Great on ya too. Glad that you are feeling better and that the bugs have gone away. Glad you liked the turkey hat on my grandson. He is too cute!!!!!!!!!! (those chubby cheeks!) Great adaptation of Mary Kate's inspiration, too.

  7. The wig looks just like "real", Heather and you look wonderful! Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday : >

  8. heather, the wig looks completely natural! i bet you're excited for all the fun looks you will try.

  9. Great look!Simple, but perfect for fall. And I couldn't even tell that wasn't your real hair!

  10. a red gingham shirt is the bomb and i love that you put the white scarf with it
    so very merry for this time of year

  11. I love the way you were inspired by MK's look and made it your own. Although I wish I could rock out like she does, I would more likely wear it the way you did :)

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  12. What a steal of an outfit! Love the fact that you made the inspiration outfit your own, in such a great way!

  13. Wow! Wow! classic looks and very beautiful. Popolin shirt with scarf and jeans combination is superb.......personally love your boots :)

  14. I love that style! I just bought a bobbi boss wig that is somewhat close the appearance of yours. I can't wait to wear it out on the town. It is really going to uplift my spirit.


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