Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bowling..50's Style...

Hello everyone. I found this dress at the Salvation Army, which seems to be my favorite place to find vintage dresses at a low cost. This dress reminded me of bowling, so I went with it. Earlier in the week I had come across a vintage bowling ball in an old bag, and I thought of Fred Flintstone, and for using it for this shoot..then I thought what would I do with this bowling ball, I ended up not getting it, although I thought that it would be cute in the pictures. I actually wanted to take the pictures inside, but there was going to be a bowling league coming in, so maybe next time I will be able to get a cute 50's shoot inside of the bowling alley..

Vintage dress $3.99 from Salvation Army
Crinoline: $2.00 from Yard Sale
Shoes: $3.99 from Goodwill

Total look: $9.98

See you tomorrow!


  1. WOW! That was quite the find. I LOVE the 50s era and this dress is just perfect.

  2. heather, the outside of the bowling alley is pretty perfect. i like how you tied the black & white from those cute shoes with the black crinoline & the white polka dots in the dress. that crinoline is pretty fab. suddenly that song beauty school dropout from the movie grease started playing in my head. didn't they go bowling in that movie, or did they just wear bowling shirts? oh, & i used to love the flintstones. yabba dabba doo. :)

  3. Lovely pictures darling! The shoes are sooo cute

  4. This is such an adorable outfit! I love those shoes!


  5. Beautiful dress on you :)

  6. okay, this outfit is just adorable! i love the polka dots and the cute shoes! i can't believe you got each for only $3.99!!!

  7. Heather do we live too far apart to thrift? I think we do. I live 20 minutes outside Philadelphia. Where are you? I loveeee this dress. You find the most fabulous vintage 50's style clothing. It suits your look too. I love mixing it up like you. One day vintage and the next day more contemporary. You look gorgeous. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo


Thank you all for your kind words..They touch my heart, and leave a smile on my face. Thanks for stopping by.