Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Meet Me At The Eiffel Tower

Vintage dress: $7.99 from Salvation Army
Mossimo shoes: $2.00 from Salvation Army
Flower: $5.99 from Claires
Socks: $2.00

Total look: $17.98

I wore this look to Athens this weekend when I went to the Vintage store. While I was visiting the vintage shop a little girl stopped me and kept telling me how beautiful I was..she was so cute and she had her green wig on for St.Patty's Day, green scarf etc. That little girl was not only sweet, but all decked out for the holiday! I didn't wear green at all! This was my attire for St. Patrick's Day, how about you? I felt like a vintage movie star in this look. It made me think of an old black & white movie and meeting my "love" up at the Eiffel tower.

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  1. Such a cute cute cute outfit!!! The Salvation Army is one of my favorite go to stores.

  2. The little girl was right1 Hugs!

  3. I LOVE this outfit, especially with the coat, you do look like the vintage movie star!

  4. That dress is to. die. for. I can't believe how perfectly it suits you! You must have jumped up and down like a crazy woman when you found it!


  5. you totally look like a vintage movie star! love everything. especially the coat.
    (PS visiting from WIWW. check out my blog to see my look.)

  6. you remind me of a movie star from a different era. i worn green on st. patrick's day, but my husband didn't. ;)


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